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Slappey & Sadd, LLC is an Atlanta based personal injury law firm that successfully handles Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Cases resulting in severe injuries that may permanently impact your quality of life, income, or long-term health. Slappey & Sadd, LLC is an experienced, high quality law firm. Our practice is not volume based. We carefully decide which cases to pursue so we can focus on helping the people who have suffered the most serious harm as a result of clear cases of negligence. To the clients we represent and cases we pursue, we commit the full financial, legal, and emotional resources of our firm.

Our law firm handles all types of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases in Atlanta and throughout all of Georgia.  Our lawyers have extensive successful experience in:

Trucking Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

Trucks and tractor-trailers operate at high speeds, are large, and so heavy that they often lead to serious injury and wrongful death on the roadway. Even when they operate at slow speeds, tractor- trailers can cause serious collisions often resulting in serious personal injury and wrongful death to others.  Our law firm is experienced and adept at handling trucking accidents and in dealing with all the federal and state regulations involved.  We routinely work with experts in the trucking industry, including  accident reconstruction engineers, to make sure our clients’ legal rights and interests are fully protected.  Trucking accidents usually involve Federal Motor Carrier Regulations and other somewhat complicated laws.  Hiring lawyers like those at Slappey & Sadd, LLC with a record of success and experience in the area of trucking accidents and litigation is essential, because you can rest assured that the trucking companies, their insurance companies, and other representatives for the industry will be well represented and usually aggressive in their defense of these cases.  Slappey & Sadd, LLC has and will always meet the challenges of trucking cases in a way that assures the best representation of those injured and their families.

Car and Automobile Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

Slappey & Sadd, LLC has been representing those who suffer personal injury and wrongful death as a result of car and automobile accidents for over 27 years. The average compensation received by our clients far exceeds both the national and state average obtained by other law firms handling car and automobile accident cases.  Car accidents cause people to suffer serious injury every day.  We understand that these injuries are not only physical and require medical treatment, but can be emotionally draining, can keep our clients from working to make a living, and can have other negative effects on their daily life.  At Slappey & Sadd, LLC, we work hard to understand every client’s needs while we make sure that their legal rights are fully protected.  Unfortunately, monetary compensation is the only recourse we can offer through the civil justice system.  This compensation helps our clients get back on their feet and resume a more normal life after tragedies and other accidents occur on Georgia roadways.  We are deep in experience and success in dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters.  These insurance companies and adjusters are naturally going to favor the financial interests of their corporations to the detriment of people who suffer real injuries as a result of car accidents.  Our Atlanta car and automobile accident lawyers handle all types of cases all over the state of Georgia, including:  distracted driving accidents, accidents on dangerous roads, rear impact collisions, motorcycle accidents, rollover accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, trucking accidents, head-on collisions, t-bone accidents, drunk driving collisions, and other accidents that happen on Georgia roads and interstates.  Feel free to contact us anytime for a free consultation to determine if our law firm is right for your situation.

Atlanta Accidental Death in Atlanta, Georgia

Accidents happen. Under Georgia law, the question is whether the accident was preventable by the exercise of ordinary care.  In other words, if a person has been seriously injured or died as a result of another person’s failure to do what others would do under similar circumstances, then there may be legal recourse to obtain just compensation for losses.  These losses include medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost earnings, and a loss of quality of life known as “pain and suffering” damages.  Preventable accidents are synonymous with the legal term “negligence.”  If someone is negligent, their neglectful behavior might cause them to be accountable for whatever losses their neglect caused.  Preventable accidents or negligent acts can occur in the form of negligent operation of a car or truck, negligent supervision, negligence in failing to provide adequate security, negligence in manufacturing a defective product, negligence in performing professional duties as a health care provider, etc.  We offer legal representation for those who have suffered serious injury or families who have lost a loved one due to preventable accidents or neglectful conduct by others.  This is often referred to in legal circles as a “tort.”  At Slappey & Sadd, LLC, we do everything the law and the exercise of highest professionalism allows to represent our clients in preventable accident cases.  Feel free to contact us to help you determine whether and how to proceed with your legal rights. There is no charge for our evaluations.

Atlanta Wrongful Death in Atlanta, Georgia

Losing someone you love is devastating. If you have lost a loved one because of the fault, negligence, or intentional conduct of someone else, you may have a wrongful death claim.  Wrongful death law in Georgia provides family members compensation for the full value of your loved one’s life.  Following the wrongful death of a loved one is often the most difficult time in any of our lives, but contacting a lawyer soon after may be necessary to assure that the legal rights of you and your family are fully protected.  For instance, in the case of a trucking accident, the trucking and insurance companies involved will immediately have their lawyers and investigators working on the case before you even attend the funeral.  It is important to hire attorneys to protect you and your family’s legal interests by making sure that evidence is secured, witness statements are taken, and experts are hired to deal with the thorny and often difficult circumstances of the case.  Our attorneys have extensive experience and a long history of success in handling wrongful death cases.  We will immediately take care of everything for you, so that you can be with your family and loved ones to take care of them in their time of need.

Atlanta Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta, Georgia

Workers’ compensation is a specialized area of the law. Slappey & Sadd, LLC represents injured workers in workers’ compensation cases for work-related injuries such as back injuries, neck injuries, arm injuries, shoulder injuries, leg injuries, and other injuries and illnesses that occur on the job.  Workers’ compensation insurance should cover medical care, permanent disability, temporary disability, and other losses Georgia workers sustain on the job.  An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer at Slappey & Sadd, LLC can help you work through your workers’ compensation case to obtain the full benefits you deserve.  Our law firm has been successfully handling workers’ compensation cases for over 27 years. We are proud to say that we represent families, workers, and consumers when corporations and industries do not fulfill their obligations to their own employees and other members of the community.  Contact us at any time so that we can help you recover workers’ compensation benefits, and protect you from insurance companies and employers who are unwilling to follow workers’ compensation law.

We treat each client the way we would want to be treated if we were a client. We know how difficult it is to be to be seriously injured or to have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others. Although no one knows your personal trials and tribulations better than you, we strive to understand your injuries, medical costs, wage losses and other losses associated with injuries so that as attorneys we can balance the injustice with every means the law allows. Personal injury is just that – personal. Consequently, as Atlanta personal injury attorneys, our practice of law is quite personal when it comes to representing the interests of our clients and their families. We have found that our one-to-one commitment to our clients enables our clients to focus on getting well and getting back to their day-to day lives, while we take care of their important legal interests.

Personal injury cases are unique, and require personal attention of the attorney handling the case. The cases are handled directly by the lawyer you meet. Not by paralegals and assistants, although we employ an excellent and indispensable staff to assist us in our success. We do not employ a cookie- cutter approach to our cases. Each client who has suffered serious injury or loss of a loved one receives personal attention to his or her case. We believe that this attention to detail and commitment to excellence gives our clients the best form of representation so that their legal interests are fully and fairly represented in every court in Georgia, both inside and outside the Atlanta area.

In 1992, we formed the Atlanta, Georgia law firm of Slappey & Sadd, LLC to represent individuals in serious personal injury and wrongful death claims and to handle other cases in trial for people in need. We began our legal careers in 1986-87 in large, well- respected corporate and insurance defense firms in Atlanta. We were fortunate to gain invaluable experience over the last 25 plus years as attorneys before starting our own law firm, which is devoted to taking only serious and clearly valid cases involving personal injury, wrongful death and other cases involving substantial loss.

We are absolutely dedicated to being the best personal injury lawyers in Atlanta. We realize there are many Atlanta personal injury attorneys to choose from, and work every day to make the choice clear and comfortable for our clients by providing thoughtful and experienced professionalism to our work.

We take great care in selecting our cases. We consider any frivolous lawsuit or frivolous defense as a serious affront to the judicial system. Consequently, although we are honored to review hundreds of cases a year, we only accept the few that we know in our hearts and minds are valid and demand justice. By limiting the number of cases we take, we are able to handle each case with personal attention and professional experience we have gained over the years.

We personally handle all cases we accept. We believe it is important to have a strong relationship with our clients so that we can fully understand the facts of each case, and be in the best position to pursue the interests of our clients with intelligence and well-aimed strategies. As a result of our approach, we have developed lasting professional and sometimes personal relationships with the people and families we have been privileged to represent.

The law firm of Slappey & Sadd, LLC holds the highest rating possible (AV) by Martindale-Hubble, a nationally recognized lawyer directory. The AV rating recognizes “the highest level of skill and integrity” in the profession. We are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum whose membership is limited to attorneys who have achieved verdicts, awards or settlements in the amount of one million dollars or more. In each of those cases, the claims made and the compensation received by our clients was totally justified and required by law. In addition, our firm has been named as one of Georgia ‘s Super Lawyers, as published in Atlanta Magazine and Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine, and The Best Lawyers in America by US News and World Report.

There are many personal injury attorneys in Atlanta to choose from. Many advertise on television, in newspapers, and on the radio. Other than this internet site, we do not advertise. We are humbled by the referrals we receive from other attorneys and clients, which amounts to nearly all of the clients we represent. This web site is being provided to let you know a little more about us, so that you can make your choice when deciding which attorney you will hire in Atlanta, or elsewhere in Georgia.

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury or wrongful death, we are on your side. Our law firm will provide you with legal guidance through a free consultation at no obligation to you. If our firm is not able to take your case, we will let you know why our firm is not a good match for your case. To learn more about our law firm, call 404.255.6677 or toll free 888.474.9616. We will speak with you to answer any questions you may have about your important legal rights.

Thank you for considering our law firm.

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