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What is Insurance Law/Bad Faith in Atlanta and Georgia?

Atlanta Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

Atlanta personal injury law firm Slappey & Sadd, LLC is an Atlanta-based law firm that successfully handles insurance coverage and insurance bad-faith claims.  If you are making an insurance claim or are an attorney with questions about insurance coverage or insurance bad faith in Georgia, please click here. You should also feel free to call our insurance bad faith lawyers at 404-255-6677 or Toll-Free at 888-474-9616.

What Constitutes Insurance Law/Bad Faith in Georgia?

People buy insurance in a spirit of trust. Policyholders (most of us) faithfully pay premiums over many years, and we should be able to trust the insurance company to protect us. The type of protection purchased comes in many different forms, which is why there are many different insurance policies. Some insurance policies protect policy- holders from the financial burden of having to rebuild a house if it burns. Other insurance policies protect drivers from legal liability when they accidentally hurt someone while driving. In each of these situations, insurance is purchased to “assure” that the insurance company will help rebuild the house if it burns and settle or successfully defend lawsuits when a driver gets into a car accident. But sometimes the insurance company views the situation from a different point of view. Sometimes the insurance company simply will not pay or will not pay enough. When the insurance company does so in “bad faith,” you may need an attorney.  The Insurance bad faith lawyers at Slappey & Sadd have experience with many types of bad faith claims against insurance companies and insurance coverage issues, including the following:

Statutory Bad Faith


What is Statutory Bad Faith Law in Georgia?

Sometimes the insurance company refuses to pay for damage to a home or business following a fire or storm. Georgia has a bad faith statute that protects policyholders in this situation.   The lawyers at Slappey & Sadd have experience with statutory bad faith claims and can successfully help you assert your legal rights under the law.

Bad Faith Failure to Settle


Bad Faith Failure to Settle in Georgia Defined

Liability insurance is to protect policyholders  from legal liability. If you are in an auto accident and someone is hurt, or if you get sued by someone who claims that you damaged them or their property, you likely face the threat of legal liability. Often, the only way the insurance company can protect you from legal liability is to settle the claim against you. In Georgia, an insurance company has a duty to protect the people it insures from legal liability by settling the claim against them if the insurance company has a reasonable opportunity to do so within policy limits. Sometimes the insurance company tries to “low ball” a claim and rejects the opportunity to settle within policy limits.  Low balling subjects the person insured to unnecessary lawsuits and liability. This is known as “bad faith failure to settle” or “common law bad faith.” The attorneys at Slappey & Sadd represent those who are damaged by bad faith failure to settle claims.

Declaratory Judgment Actions


Definition of Declaratory Judgment Actions in Georgia

Many people and businesses make a claim with their insurance company and are surprised to learn that rather than providing protection, the insurance company can file a lawsuit against them. Such lawsuits are called declaratory judgment actions. When an insurance company files a declaratory judgment action against its own insured, it is usually asking the court to declare that there is no insurance coverage for the insured.  Slappey & Sadd is comprised of attorneys that represent policyholders sued by their own insurance companies in a declaratory judgment action.

Examination Under Oath


Why Do Insurance Companies Use Examination Under Oath?

After an insured makes a claim, some insurance companies will begin a process of delay and harassment, looking for reasons to deny a claim. One tool the insurance company uses is an examination under oath. If your insurance company demands that you submit to an examination under oath, rest assured that the insurance company is suspicious of the claim and looking for a reason to deny coverage. Slappey & Sadd represents insureds to prepare them and stand by them during the examination under oath. We are dedicated to holding profit hungry insurance companies responsible for the promises they make to their clients. If you feel you have been wronged by an insurance company, please contact the experienced Atlanta Insurance/Bad Faith lawyers at Slappey and Sadd, LLC today.

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